Savage Rome

The Black Hill

Descent to Doom!

With dawn the party roused themselves and set off North, arriving at the foot of the Black Hill in the late morning.

The hill was surrounded by a rough fence, with a simple wooden building at the foot. At the summit of the hill there could be seen a large black obelisk, similar to the Black Pebble (of Doom). Ragnar cautiously explored the circumference of the hill while the rest of the party entered the wooden building.


Inside the building, which creaked with age and decay, there was little to see in what must have been a German temple of shrine. At one end there was a simple stone altar on which a roughly hewn wooden figure sat. On examination, this appeared to be of a man with two faces. Tribune Nerva, displaying his usual cultural sensitivity, smashed the figure from the altar and then set about the altar itself in a fruitless assault.

The party, minus Ragnar, climbed to the summit, Tribune Nerva carrying a useful length of wood obtained from the dilapidated fence.


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