Savage Rome

Passion in the Forest

or Deep Throat in the trees

The journey North was quiet, too quiet. Lucius ordered Quintus sing to keep everyone’s spirits up. Encouraged with the wine they had consumed, Tribune Nerva and Titus joined in, adding a few rough Legionary alternative verses that would make a sailor blush.

As the Sun the party prepared to camp in a clearing for the night. As they did so, an agonised human (barely so) wail could be heard to the North. It was getting to dark to continue so they continued to set up the camp. They agreed on watches. Lucius and his posse settled in his tent. Flavia persuaded Lucius to take a walk into the woods, without Quintus. Lucius, thinking he was on a promise agreed and walked out with Flavia. Quintus remained in the tent as ordered, although the jealous Fredriech, encouraged by Ragnar, followed at a discrete distance.


Once a short distance from the camp, Flavia threw Lucius to the ground and attempted to insert her inhumanely tongue into his mouth. The screaming Lucius struggled to escape her grasp. His screams brought Fredriech dashing to the rescue, only to see him stumble and fall. Nevertheless, the sound of help approaching and Lucius’ continuing resistance persuaded Flavia to flee and Lucius lost sight of her in the dark forest.

Shaken, Lucius returned to his comrades with s strange tale of how Flavia had attacked him. After a quick discussion of how there were myths involving the impregnation of unwary youths by demons and whether or not they should either behead or burn Lucius (or maybe both), it was decided he seemed himself and that no action need be taken (but no doubt he would be watched closely, if only by the besotted Fredriech).


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