Savage Rome

Back to the Foresters' Camp

North to Doom

The party set off North along the trail to the foresters’ camp. As they rode along the trail, they heard the sound a a large beast moving through the woods towards them, from the river to the east. Tribune Nerva announced that it would be a wereshark. Taking flight, they party rode for their lives.

The beast appeared to cross the trail and continue west. The party, finding their courage, rode back. Ragnar picked up the trail and identified bear tracks. Tribune Nerva insisted it was a wereshark. Hearing the sound of more movement the woods to the west, our heroes decided to linger no longer and headed to back north.


Continuing on they arrived at the camp just as the sun began to set. They were greeted by Titus Didus, brother to the headman of the foresters’ camp. Informed of recent events, Titus grew increasingly concerned that his brother, Marcus Didus had not returned from Magnus Major. A hut was made available to the party and Titus announced that the foresters would be leaving for Magnus Major in the morning.

Tribune Gaius spent the evening discussing the art of Roman woodcraft with the locals and exchanging tales of daring during his time following the Eagles.


Awaking Quintus prepared breakfast and persuaded Fredriech that Lucius would prefer a conventional water bath rather than his special German shower.

As the foresters prepared to leave the party’s breakfast was interrupted by the thunder of hooves…


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