Savage Rome

Horror at the Villa

Where is the Greek?

Seeing smoke on the horizon towards Paulus’ villa, the party set off.


Arriving they witnessed a scene of carnage. Headless corpses littered the area in front of the villa, all dressed as slaves apart from one, an elderly male dressed in female clothing. The villa was smouldering, the origin of the fire appearing to be the library. Leandro searched the library but could not find a trace of Anaxagoras the Greek.


Leandro found the entrance to the cellar. Hearing a whimpering within he was about to pick the lock when the brutish Tribune turned up and kicked in the door.

Descending the steps Leandro found a small nervous puppy. Gathering up the puppy he rejoined the rest of the party before the headed North, planning to investigate the dark Black Hill, taking the fight to the evil spirits, planning to spend the night with the Foresters.


iandburrell iandburrell

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