Savage Rome

Breaking Camp

A parting of the ways as Leandro Leaves and Titus joins the party

As the foresters’ camp broke, Titus, Montanus’s right-hand man rode into the camp. He had been sent with news of the riots in Magnus Major and the escape of Horsa, Son of Theodric. Now Horsa was free there was nothing to deter Theodric from his raids of Roman territory. Titus had bad news for Titus Didus, the forester. His brother, Marcus had been found dead in Magnus Major. There had been no signs of trauma so either his heart gave out or he had contracted swamp-fever.

Titus announced that all Roman’s should move to the protection of Magnus Major. He was concerned that the party didn’t wish to join the foresters and travel to the fort. However, when he heard that the planned to head the the Black Hill he was easily persuaded to accompany them.


It was decided that Flavia and Leandro should join the caravan to Magnus Major. However, Flavia insisted in accompanying the party and would not hear of leaving them.

And so our heroes headed North into the forbidding forests….


iandburrell iandburrell

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