Savage Rome

A Night in the Homestead

Lucius and his posse relax in the barn or a 3-Way Rub

The Homesteaders emerged to see the strange group riding in from Magnus Major. When they recognised Horsa, Son of Theodric, there were whispers heard by the more observant that he was a prince of the Germans.


Horsa and Anyaka were guided to the best hut in the homestead, while the rest of the party were taken to the barn, the German Homesteaders dispersing when it was apparent that Lucius the ‘clown’ would not be performing tonight.

The Tribune and the Boy settled together for the night. The injured Ragnar rested uneasily having lost an eye in the burning tavern. Flavia massaged Lucius’ head while Fredriech occupied himself with his feet.


And so they drifted into sleep…


iandburrell iandburrell

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