Savage Rome

The Journey Part Three
Into the woods or romping with wolves

Gaius Marcius Regillus, Centurio Servius Magius Druses, and the five cavalrymen had departed long before Lucius Julius Regillus and Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva awoke.

By mid-morning the various members of the party gathered in the courtyard of Appius Fabius Flaccus’ town house. Waiting with the wagons was a tall blonde man dressed in provincial Roman attire; he introduced himself as the guide for the journey to Magnus Minor – Herman the German. Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva was suspicious of this unknown foreigner, but Appius Fabius Flaccus vouched for Herman the German, who was a well known pro-Roman German and can be trusted.

Friction between Anaxagoras the Greek and Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva grew worse. The tribune accused the Greek of sexual depravity and the Greek, in a fit of anger sneaked to the wagons to empty the Roman’s wine skins, before filling one with his own special herbal brew.

As the party head East the skies clouded over and rain began to fall. The path East headed into dark woodland. As the hours passed the evening drew in and the darkness began to gather as the rain grew heavier. The party asked Herman the German if there was a suitable place to camp. Herman the German said there was a clearing near a minor river a short way ahead.

As the party reached the clearing, the was an unnatural wail from the East. Ragnar said it was like no beast he had ever heard. Then there was a chorus of wolves. Ragnar advised the party to build a large fire. Anaxagoras the Greek stated this was incorrect as fire would attract the wolves, and clambered up a nearby tree. Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva thought it would be good sport to dress the tree with raw meat. The Tribune also set Quintus the Slave to putting sharpened stakes around the clearing while he and Ragnar went to collect wood for the fire.

They wandered a short way along the path to the West to be met with the glowing eyes of a wolf. Ragnar throw a stone and hit the wolf, which scowled away.


The fire built, Lucius Julius Regillus and the exhausted Quintus the Slave retired to his carriage while the others, apart for Anaxagoras the Greek remained in his tree, bedded down. It was at this point Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva discovered his wine skins empty and shook his fist and the Greek in his tree.

In the early morning Anaxagoras the Greek, Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva and Lucius Julius Regillus awoke to find themselves standing naked in the clearing surrounded by a massive pack of wolves. Lucius Julius Regillus kicked the sleeping Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva who would not wake.

A giant wolf approached through the pack and halted before the three heroes. The wolf pounced towards Ragnar who sidestepped and avoided the beast. Ragnar and Lucius Julius Regillus leapt on the back of the wolf, which easily shook them off. Anaxagoras the Greek watched events with a philosophical look on his face. The wolf turned and prepared to pounce, when a large black cat intercepted his leap. The two beasts rolled until the cat finally tore out the wolf’s throat.

At which point Lucius Julius Regillus woke up in his carriage, Anaxagoras the Greek clinging to his tree, and Ragnar by the fire. Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva still lay there snoring. Of Herman the German there was no sign.

The Journey Part Two
North to Colonia Aggrippina

The caravan travelled North from Rome to Colonia Aggrippina without event, the journey being through the Empire and the escort of cavalry deterring any trouble.

Colonia Aggrippina is the last major settlement before the very edge of the Empire, but as Lucius Julius Regillus commented, “It isn’t Rome”.

Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva approached one of the German merchants who thronged the market with a mixture of Gauls and Romans, and managed to get a rough map of the area the party were headed to.

Gaius Marcius Regillus was able to us his influence to arrange lodgings with Appius Fabius Flaccus, the leading citizen of Colonia Aggrippina. Ragnar was accommodated in the stables, while the rest of the party were invited to stay in Appius Fabius Flaccus’ town house.

Much to everyone else’s relief, Anaxagoras the Greek retired to his room to eat. The rest of the party settled into an evening of fine food and wine. As the wine flowed and Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva become more and more drunk, the Tribune told many long stories of his heroic deeds in the service of Rome.

As the time passed, Gaius Marcius Regillus and Centurio Servius Magius Druses, retired, the Senator announcing his intention to ride on ahead at first light, leaving the baggage to follow – including his nephew, the Greek and the Tribune.

[[:lucius-julius-regillus | Lucius Julius Regillus]], recalling how funny it had been to see Quintus the Slave writhing in pain, summoned his slave to strike Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva for some imagined (or real slight) – there had been rather a lot of wine drunk by this time. Before Quintus the Slave could land a blow, Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva kneed him in the crown jewels. With that everyone laughed and went to bed, apart from Quintus the Slave, who was left whimpering on floor, nursing his bruised manhood.


The Journey Part One

Gaius Marcius Regillus is preparing to head to Magnus Minor on the North German border. He has been invited by Mamercus Cassius Paulus. Gaius Marcius Regillus is famous for his thrift, and has persuaded Vespasian that the Imperial Purse should finance the trip as the Senator has heard rumours of unrest on the border.

Vespasian as agreed as long as the Senator is accompanied by Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva. Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva served with the Emperor and Vespasian trusts him to provide an accurate military assessment of the situation.

Gaius Marcius Regillus brother has asked him to take Lucius Julius Regillus, his nephew, with him. He feels the young man needs to expand his horizons and leave the temptation and vice of Rome behind him. Lucius Julius Regillus thinks the trip will be a fine adventure and is accompanied by his more reluctant personal slave, Quintus the Slave.

Gaius Marcius Regillus has been provided with an escort of five cavalrymen, led by the dashing Centurio Servius Magius Druses. He has also enlisted Ragnar, a famous beastmaster. The opportunity to bring back some of the fabled wild beasts of the German forests, as well as having a German speaker shows unexpected wisdom from the Senator.

A late addition to the caravan is a Greek philosopher, Anaxagoras the Greek, who after handing the Senator a note is accepted by the scowling Gaius Marcius Regillus.

And so the companions get to know each other and internal conflict erupts..

Tribune Gaius Cassus Nerva offends the young Lucius Julius Regillus, who orders hapless Quintus the Slave to strike the tribune. Before the blow lands the Tribune’s knee to the balls leaves Quintus the Slave whelping and writhing on the floor, much to his master’s amusement.



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