Anaxagoras the Greek (Missing believed dead)

Greek Philospher


A Greek and a philosopher too sophisticated for honest Roman types who see him as shifty.


The power of Parmenides’ logic was such that some subsequent philosophers abandoned the monism of the Milesians, Xenophanes, Heraclitus, and Parmenides, where one thing was the arche, and adopted pluralism, such as Empedocles and Anaxagoras. There were, they said, multiple elements which were not reducible to one another and these were set in motion by love and strife (as in Empedocles) or by Mind (as in Anaxagoras). Agreeing with Parmenides that there is no coming into being or passing away, genesis or decay, they said that things appear to come into being and pass away because the elements out of which they are composed assemble or disassemble while themselves being unchanging.

Anaxagoras is a very quiet individual who at times has mind wondering moments and is slow in reaction but does notice things around him. He holds grudges and is not very keen on the romans who mock him unnecessarily and can become quite snappy. He has left the debates with his peers to travel across the empire to chat with a very old friend.

Anaxagoras the Greek (Missing believed dead)

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