Savage Rome

The Germans are coming....

Morning in the homestead: Goodbye Anyaka

The cock crowed and the party awoke. Tribune Nerva and Lucius decided to head to the headman’s hut, accompanied by Quintus to question Horsa and Anyaka.

The Tribune hoped to burst into the hut, but thought better of it as a couple of rough looking Germans standing guard. Horsa glared at the two Roman’s as they entered. The Tribune aggressive questioning drew little from the churlish Horsa. Anyaka interceded with Lucius who managed to restrain the Tribune.


The questioning was interrupted by the thunder of hooves. Theodric, chief of the Suebi and Hengist marched into the hut. Theodric taking in the scene embraced Horsa. He then turned angrily on the Romans and demanded to know what they had done to his son. Anyaka managed to explain that Montanus was responsible.

The Germans, lifted the weak Horsa from his staw bed and prepared to leave. Glances were exchanged between Hengist and Anyaka. Smiling, [:hengist | Hengist]] invited Anyaka to join him as she would highly respected in his tribe. This was too good an offer to refuse and feeling little affection for the Romans, Anyaka rode into the sunrise with the Germans.



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