Savage Rome


Or the Great Escape

The party rode towards Magus Major as the Sun began to set in the West. As they drew closer they could see that buildings in the German quarter were ablaze. A small group of Germans had gathered before Musa’s tavern, which was already aflame. There was a figure slumped on the ground and the party could here the cries of a woman within the building.

Our heroes leapt into action. The Tribune rode into the crowd of jeering Germans, setting about them with his sword, while brave Fredriech protected his flank. Lucius, Quintus, and Leandro set about the wattle of the rear of the tavern. Anyaka disappeared into the night…


Lucius, Quintus, and Leandro soon made a gaping hole in the side of the Tavern. The dashing Lucius ran up the burning staircase to rescue the swooning Flavia. Meanwhile, Tribune Gaius had, slaying several, put the Germans to flight. Leandroran over to the slumped figure; it was Ragnar who had received a blow to the head and was bruised and battered.

As Lucius helped the breathless Flavia from the burning building, she explained that her father was away trading. As she gazed longingly into the eyes of the heroic Lucius, Fredriech shot him a glare. However, Fredriech ill-temper melted as Lucius gave him a winning smile.

At this point, the party heard shouting from the fort tower; looking up they saw a chained figure dragged to the tower battlement, which then appeared to be pushed from the tower to plummet into the moat.


Quintus saw Anyaka dive into the moat and dashed to help her. Using a ladder, he was able to help Anyaka and the stranger from the dark water. They were soon joined by Lucius and the others, Lucius having refused to leave without the faithful Quintus.

There was a harsh bray of trumpets as the gates swung open and the legionaries advanced out, cutting down all in their path. The German mob routed and ran for their lives. The party took advantage of the confusion and rode to Fredriech’s homestead…

Postscript: until this point Lucius thought Anyaka was a young boy, but observing Anyaka’s feminine curves beneath her damp clothes realised his mistake.


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