Savage Rome

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I predict a riot

The party continued their investigations but were interrupted by the arrival of a horseman; Fredriech, clad in leather and astride a mighty stallion.


Unrest had spilled over into open rioting in the streets of Magnus Major. Fredriech had ridden hard to bring news and warn the Romans. Having delivered his message he shot a wink at Lucius, who chose to ignore Fredriech‘s overt advances but taking command, decided the party should hire horses from the Foresters before return to Maguns Major, stopping off at Mamercus Cassius Paulus’ villa to advice him of developments and to consort with the Greek.

Anaxagoras left the library at Paulus’ villa when he heard the noise of the arriving horsemen. While Lucius explained recent events to Paulus, Anyaka and Anaxagoras discussed recent events and the significance of the Black Pebble.

There were signs of smoke towards Magnus Major. Anyaka and Fredriech leapt into action, riding for Magnus Major. Anaxagoras and Paulus elected to remain at the villa. The rest of the party, Lucius, Quintus, Leandro, and the Tribune set off on the heals of Anyaka and Fredriech.


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